Digitales Handwerk

Equipped for the future

The digital transformation requires for new competencies to be developed. We coach your employees according to the strategy that you pursue. Our core competencies are in the following areas: Research and verification, digital journalism, cross-media management, and innovation. Every media organization is different, which is why we tailor our coaching to your needs and develop specific concepts according to your goals and objectives.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality for journalists

While the use of this new medium in journalism can still present itself as a challenge, it also opens the door as an opportunity to connect with a broader and more diverse audience. During that Virtual Reality (VR) wave of innovation that we experienced in the 90s, our experts had already analyzed and identified its potential implications and effect on journalism. Today, we are working with leading experts in the field of VR and with our modular training “VR Master class”, we prepare your employees for future success in this market.

Partner of the Google News Initiative

NMT Network Media Trainer is a partner of the Google News Initiative. The goal is to coach journalists in newsrooms on the use of Google tools. In collaboration with the Google News Lab curriculum, the netzwerk medien-trainer implements training offers for editorial units and newsrooms. All of our professional trainers have been certified and educated by the Google News Lab team.

Google News Initiative

Working with Google Tools

Step by step instructions

Google Maps

Mit My Maps individuelle Karten erstellen


Bilder herunterladen aus Google Earth Pro


Filme erstellen mit Ortsmarkierungen

Google Trends

Mit Trends herausfinden, wonach Menschen suchen

Erweiterte Suche

Die Google-Suche effizient einsetzen


Filme erstellen im Live-Modus


Filme erstellen entlang eines Pfads

Erweiterte Suche

Die Bildersuche effizient einsetzen

Erweiterte Suche

Bilder verifizieren mit der Rückwärts-Suche

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