Volker Matthies


Volker translates complex challenges into feasible steps of implementation. He likes to break new ground. That's why he recently studied again: 'Disruptive Strategy' at Harvard Business School (HBX) and 'Digital Transformation Strategy' at the University of Boston (edX). He was able to investigate successful change in Europe and the USA - by analyzing more than 40 newsroom models. As one of NMT's founders, he is in charge for quality management.

Name your three main areas of expertise
Digital transformation, process management, newsroom development

What are you an expert on?
Give direction and framework to the change of companies, so that the employees can orient themselves

Why did you co-found NMT?
Everyone can achieve a lot. My motto is: stronger together.

What can customers expect when they work with you?
A clear view of things, recognizing & showing the whole picture and structured pursuit of the goals

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