Volker Matthies


Volker has worked as a editor for radio news, as a TV producer and anchor, online author and managing editor and now leverages his expertise and experience to create innovative multi-platform media projects for public broadcaster "Bayerischer Rundfunk" (BR). He is part of a team at BR to build structures which focus an collaboration in the newsroom to bring together radio, TV and online journalism. He has created the storytelling tool "Linius", the backbone of the award winning online documentary "Spurensuche. Das Oktoberfest-Attentat". At Harvard Business School (HBX) he has studied "Disruptive Strategy" with Clayton Christensen. At Boston University (edX) he has studied "Digital Transformation Strategy" with Venkat Venkatraman. For netzwerk medien-trainer Volker accompanies media houses through the implementation of major strategic changes. All over Europe and the US Volker has visited and analysed more than 40 newsroom of major media outlets. As a co-founder of netzwerk medien-trainer he ensures quality management of all training programs.

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