Michael Schumacher

Michael is specialized in translating information and news into emotions. Aristotle's words, "The beginning, as the proverb says, is half the whole" constitute the principle behind his methods which allow him to create a story for all kinds of media, whether it be print, online or television. As a leading editor and media consultant, Michael provides his services to institutions wishing to transform their communication from analog to digital. For over five years he worked as the leader of the television department for ARD.ZDF medienakademie, which is the public broadcasting enterprise of Germany. Previously he worked for ten years as CvD, author and trainer for miscellaneous news broadcasts for RTL and n-tv broadcasting companies. His current projects include developing strategies and concepts for the optimization of online videos for the publishing company Handelsblatt in Düsseldorf. His education and credentials include a degree in sports-science and graduating from the Axel-Springer school of journalism.

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