Manuela Feyder


Manuela is a journalist, visionary, and forward thinker. Her ability to weave innovative concepts into her work with clients has been the catalyst that has allowed many to experience business transformation success. She is a graduate economist with a global network and is an Internet pioneer whose ground-breaking contributions towards continuing education has influenced journalists worldwide. As a certified coach and consultant, she inspires others to broaden their perspective and employs empowering techniques that enable companies and institutions to achieve self-reliance and produce radical changes in their business models and markets. She is also the co-founder and managing partner of NMT, and her specialist book, "VR Journalism" is an example of her interdisciplinary work.

Name your three main areas of expertise
Digital transformation, cultural change, and communication

What are you an expert on?
Strategic foresight; virtual working and learning worlds; value-based leadership and organization in a digital, rapidly changing ecosystem

Why did you co-found NMT?
To provide a place where people could bring their special abilities and personalities together, establish and promote their standards of leadership and work culture, and celebrate joint successes - that was and still is my motivation.

What can customers expect when they work with you?
Senior consultant and training skills; high flexibility to analyze situations and personal experiences and to adapt to them; genuine curiosity and interest in people as well as joy, reliability, and openness

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