Franz Feyder


Franz is an award winning investigative journalist who has reported from war zones in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Syria and Israel and other hotspots around the world since 1997. Feyder has worked for the German news weekly "Stern", German public broadcasting stations ARD and ZDF, and for "Argos", a political magazine from broadcaster VPRO in the Netherlands. In 2007 Feyder was awarded the "Tegel", Netherlands's most prestigious award for journalists and a year later the World-Audio-Award. Feyder manages the investigative unit at the German daily newspaper "Stuttgarter Nachrichten". The focus of his journalistic work is on islamist-motivated terrorism and right-wing terrorism. As a trainer, Feyder takes great pleasure in helping participants identify challenging topics and guiding them through the research and production process to create multi-platform projects that are ready to go on the air, in the paper and on the web at the end of the workshop.

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