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Benita is working as a self-employed editor, media trainer and consultant for digital communications in Berlin. Until the end of 2018 she served as Head of Crossmedia at the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom being responsible for their digital communication strategy and online team. Prior to that she worked as a freelance journalist at Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (TV and radio) and as a Social Media-Manager for the interreligious project “House of One”. She graduated with an MA in political science from Université de Genève in Switzerland. For her master thesis which she wrote about “the role of the media in the process of democratization in Myanmar” she spent several weeks in Asia and conducted interviews with relevant media players. She did her BA in European Studies in Maastricht and at The Open University.

Name your three main areas of expertise
Political and social editing, (interactive) online and social media formats, verification of online content

What are you an expert for?
Digital political-social communication

Why are you part of NMT?
Because different competencies complement each other as best as possible, we can offer our customers solutions from a single source, and I myself am always learning new things.

What can customers expect when they work with you?
Structured and practical communication of knowledge and the Berlin friendliness (because it really exists :-)!)

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