All workshops that you see in this training overview can be individually combined according to your needs. Feel free to contact us if you would like to integrate different contents into a training.

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1. Overview: Google's tool for journalists

Overview of all tools
Duration: 2 h

The quick run through all tools that can help in the journalistic context. We show you research tips and demonstrate them using practical examples. If you are particularly interested in a tool or a topic, we will be happy to take your interest into account and expand the training at this point individually.

2. Factchecking, verification and investigation

Reverse image search, Fact Check Explorer, InVid, Google Earth, Project Shield
Duration: 2-3 h

Deepen search techniques that help you verify information. You will learn how to analyze photos and examine videos frame by frame. Finally, we give you tips on digital security and explain how you can encrypt your data securely.

3. Geo reporting with Google Maps and Google Earth

Maps, My Maps, Street View, Google Earth Pro, Earth Studio, Timelapse
Dauer: 3 h

Learn how Google Maps and Google Earth visually enhance your articles, whether in print or online. Complete your research, verify locations and present a story using various maps. Animate your report with Google Earth Studio or show the changes in a location in 35 year timelapse. Give your target group a different perspective on your story.

4. Data journalism and visualization

Google Trends, Public Data Explorer, Data GIF Maker, Flourish, Google Sheets
Duration: 3-4 h

Do you want to track down topics within a data set and tell your story visually more exciting? This course can help you. We create the basis with Google Sheets and explain how you collect data with this tool. We point out how to find new topic ideas based on the most searched terms in Google Trends. Discover the Data GIF Maker for fast, interactive elements. With Flourish you get to know a tool with which you can easily and clearly visualize your data records to match the article.

5. Report about climate and environment

Google Earth, Timelapse, Earth Engine, Global Forest Watch, Global Fishing Watch
Duration: 1-2 h

In this training, we show which tools can help you research topics and report on the environment. Use various tools to see how the earth has changed over the past 35 years and create visualizations with Google Earth and Timelapse. Get an overview of forest stocks, forest fires and fishing on the world’s oceans with the interactive maps “Global Forest Watch” and “Global Fishing Watch”.

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