We’re passionate about creating success in digital space.

Several factors around the world have dramatically changed how we conduct business, to include the way that we interact with our stakeholders. With such rapid, profound changes and advancements in technologies, companies are beginning to discover that the business models and processes that they once grew accustomed to using are no longer working. Trying to anticipate future trends, adapt to rapid change while converting outdated business processes and procedures into new ones, are just a few of today’s challenges, but do not worry.

NMT are your competent advisors during these challenging times. As digital pioneers, we will guide you from strategy development to the sustainable achievement of your goals. Using agile methods, and our global reach, we draw upon the cross-sectoral, futuristic knowledge tank of our expert consultants.

Need to check your strategic orientation? No problem. Check it out through an individual consultation on-site, online, or in our compact “Strategy Check” workshop. Talk to us directly about it.

What We Do Very Well

Our consulting services are based on a 360° perspective that takes all stakeholders into account. We have a futuristic way of thinking that inspires innovation and incorporates future developments that are relevant to your company. We also advise and guide you through the complete transformation process or have the flexibility and resources to tailor it according to your needs:

  • Vision & Strategy
  • Culture & Leadership
  • Organizational Structure & Process
  • Technology & Skills
  • Ecosystems & Partnerships

Consulting Services

We listen attentively to your needs. Once we understand your goals, only then do we make an offer. Our range of services include:

  • Process Optimization
  • Project Support
  • Individual and Team Coaching and Consulting
  • Presentation
  • Training & Event Organization

We offer you innovative solutions in a secure, data protected and compliant environment. Our online consultations and meetings consist of highly trained moderators and a well-thought-out implementation. We work with you to carefully design solutions that are scalable to your goals, which can be a compact meeting or workshops and conferences that last up to several days.

If you are looking for a bit more freedom where your participants can move freely and still enjoy face to face conversations, we provide you the option of implementing your event in our 3D environment.

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