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Digitization and disruption – shaping change

“In times of change, the greatest danger is to act with yesterday’s logic.” – Peter Drucker

Simply stated, companies can no longer derive their future success based on past achievements and routine ways of doing things. Each manager and employee must be prepared to look themselves in the mirror, challenge old routines and ultimately dare to pursue something new.

Today, companies are finding themselves faced with such defining moments. Digitization has taken place in almost all areas of life and has made information more readily accessible. Those companies who are learning to leverage it efficiently are moving forward towards innovation.

Digital transformation lays the core foundation for this to take place; it involves the leveraging of data and technology which leads to creating a disruptive strategy.

Digital transformation however, is more than just the simple application of new technologies; it changes a company’s business model, process and procedures. This means that it provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to strengthen their skill sets and to develop a digital mindset. Therefore, our center of focus is placed on the individual throughout the entire transformation process.

Digital Transformation

Areas of activities

Meaning & Allegiance

Any type of change or transformation can be difficult especially, for executives of higher- and middle management. Most times, they are often reluctant to major changes, as those changes would affect their areas of responsibility and areas of power. We observe regular blockades on these management levels that can slow down and even endanger the change process. We assist you with the task of providing your executives orientation and direction. In the end, the one that can provide meaning can expect allegiance.

Accelerator & Travel

Change out of existing structures often has its limits. Furthermore, structural changes need time to adapt to the speed of internal processes. Successfully establishing accelerators that deliver after setting the objective of the transformation process can help. Simply put, the establishment of smaller units, pilot studies and trials are necessary in order to create latitude for alternatives and emergent ways of action. We provide the stimuli for such latitude.

Courage & Decision

Often times, transformation processes do not set courageous goals and only focus on the development of cross-medial workflows – while maintaining the organizational status quo. Those measures that are normally labeled as “workflow-optimization” are often not sufficient enough to achieve the objective set by corporate management. We introduce best-practice processes from an international perspective in order to help executives move forward in justifying, making, and implementing courageous decisions.

Energy & Impulses

In times of change there are phases in which work or project groups tackle tasks and those periods turn out to be – especially in times of insecurity – tough and exhausting. We understand that multiplicators simply need more professional knowledge and that often, small impulses can help circumvent or solve these challenges. We support these tasks with specific training- and coaching sessions: Process and organizational management, self-management, and presentation and moderation techniques.

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