What We Believe In & What We Do

We support companies and help them to successfully align, orientate and position themselves within a digital world that is rapidly changing. Consulting and training are our expertise and people are our passion.

Our belief is that human beings are at the center of every development. They are the guarantors of a committed corporate culture, the implementation of strategies and the sustainability of all processes. Any company that implements change and ignores its people will be unsuccessful.

We understand that there is no one size fit all strategy for change management processes and that each company is unique. Therefore, we do not believe in using templates as most consultants do.  Too often, we have had to rescue companies from extensive and costly cookie-cutter programs that promised results, but only left behind disillusioned and discouraged managers and employees.

We are happy to share our experience, skills, and expertise with you so that you can successfully achieve your goals and stay in good harmony with your stakeholders.

Who We Are & How We Work

For over a decade, NMT has been successfully working with companies in the digital world. We have sound expertise and are internationally positioned with an extensive network of partners. Both of our founders Manuela Feyder and Volker Matthies are communication and process experts. They come from the journalism industry and are internet pioneers that have strategically assembled a diversified team of experts that are ready to serve you.




Analysed Newsrooms Worldwide


NTM: Beratung


We coach and advise you: developing strategies, seizing future opportunities, realigning  processes, implementing change.

NMT: Training


The  NMT-Academy is your platform for (digital) training and knowledge management: individual training and in-house training.

Maxima for Action

We assist you in the continuity and implementation of your goals using the following three decisive factors that influence change management processes as our guide: culture, communication and competence. Any new process or innovation that does not take into consideration these critical factors cannot be sustained long term.

We listen attentively to your needs. Once we understand your goals, only then do we make an offer. We work collaboratively with you and your employees in a participative, respectful and motivating way during the implementation of your projects.


You benefit from our international and cross-sector networks. Our professional consultants and trainers are experts in their field. Combined with our global reach, we can quickly assemble the exact team that you need, any time and anywhere.

Mastering virtual communication

Remote work will survive the pandemic. Workshops, trainings and events will continue to take place virtually. NMT offers a modular training course. You will learn how to inspire with the right tools, methods and moderation tricks.

Virtual Meetings

For virtual meetings NMT uses a secure, data protection compliant solution. The solution developed in Germany runs via servers in Germany with guaranteed end-to-end encryption.

Virtual Events in 3D

NMT implements events in a virtual 3D environment. The participants can move freely and have face-to-face conversations.  The secure, data protection compliant solution runs on servers in Germany.


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